What We Think Of TransCash MasterCard

Prepaid cards are handy alternatives for people willing to have a Visa or MasterCard. One huge benefit of prepaid cards is that they aren’t linked to a bank account, resulting in more flexibility and simplicity. We help you navigate the world of prepaid cards to find the best deal for your needs. Here’s our objective opinion about the TransCash MasterCard. 

How Does TransCash MasterCard Work? 

TransCash MasterCard works like any other prepaid card. Whether you’re on a budget or want to keep an eye on your kids’ spending, everyone can have access to the TransCash MasterCard. It is a reloadable prepaid card you can buy and top up with Bitcoin or Altcoin on LimonX.

As you have to pre-load your TransCash MasterCard with cash and can only spend the balance on the card, it is a good banking solution for adults as much as teenagers. This way, they get familiar with the banking system while learning how to manage their budget. 


A Card Without A Bank

TransCash MasterCard is a good option for people with a poor credit history because prepaid cards require neither a credit check nor a bank account. As a result, it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a payment card without the drawbacks of classic debit or credit cards. 

No Solvency Verification

You can get TransCash MasterCard without solvency verification. No one will ask for proof of sufficient income or information about your current financial situation. 

No Overdraft Risk

The key difference between prepaid cards — like TransCash MasterCard — and other types of cards is that you only get to spend the balance you’ve loaded on your prepaid card. Therefore, it keeps you from overspending and getting overdraft fees.

No Obligation Contract

As we previously said, prepaid cards offer you the most flexible option. TransCash MasterCard is a pay-as-you-go card, that is to say you aren’t committed to any plan and you’re free to stop using it whenever you want. Just load your TransCash MasterCard with the amount of your choice when you need it. 

Money Transfers Allowed

TransCash MasterCard offers money transfers between users of the same service. Like so, someone you know can benefit from a part of your card’s balance.

Benefits Of MasterCard’s Network

The TransCash prepaid card is part of the MasterCard merchant payment network, allowing you to buy either in-store or online. No choice needed between making purchases or playing online: both are possible with TransCash MasterCard.


Top-Up Limits 

This might be the main weak point of TransCash MasterCard: each plan has a top-up limit. You can’t reload your prepaid card of more than €250. Keep this in mind if you need to buy high-priced items: TransCash MasterCard might not be the best deal for you. 

No Withdrawal With The ACCESS Plan

The second and final drawback of TransCash MasterCard is that its first plan — ACCESS — doesn’t allow withdrawal at ATMs. Therefore, this plan’s  a payment method mostly meant to pay online or in-store.