What We Think of PCS Mastercard

Today, prepaid cards have taken over the banking market so much that it is impossible not to mention them. LimonX decided to review some of the most well-known prepaid cards to help you choose the right one.

Here is our opinion about the PCS Mastercard.


PCS Mastercard Benefits

If you’re reading this blog post, you must know a little about prepaid cards. Just like your actual credit card, a prepaid card is a payment method you can use for your shopping. The only – and quite big – difference is that there’s no need to have a bank account.

The PCS Mastercard is a very convenient and easy solution as no ID documents or proof of earnings are asked. In the same manner, it prevents the card holder from any bank overdraft.

The Mastercard logo is a quality guarantee and assures you the possibility to shop millions of brands. Before that, make sure to load your PCS Mastercard with your bitcoins on LimonX.


International Customer Service

One of the first benefit of the PCS Mastercard is its international customer service. When using the services of an international company, it can be tricky to find the right representative to talk to. With the PCS Mastercard, enjoy a customer service available by phone or email.


Up to 4 Cards With One Account

It is possible to get up to 4 PCS Mastercards with the same account. This feature is particularly interesting when you’d like to use your card as a family and include your children. A first prepaid card is a good way for teenagers to learn how to manage their spendings and daily budget on their own while still being monitored by their parents.


No Bank Account Needed

Like we previously pointed out, the major benefit of the PCS Mastercard is that you don’t need any bank account. As a result, it protects you from the financial risks of overdrafts and the charges that come along. In the end, you get to enjoy all the good points of a credit card without a bank account.


Prepaid365 Awards 2011

PCS Mastercard won the Prepaid365 Awards in 2011 thanks to its expertise and its different features. This recognition is given to prepaid cards presenting the best characteristics and value of the market to its customers.


Wages and Social Security Benefit Payments

In addition to these previous advantages, get paid directly on your PCS Mastercard. Yes, you read well! You can receive your salary and your social security payments free of charge on your card.

With such a strong policy, PCS Mastercard established itself as the first alternative to the credit card and traditional banking system. In this way, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a bank account without the drawbacks.


Cashback at Local Outlets

Make the most of your PCS Mastercard with the CashBack available at many online and physical retailers. Get up to 35% of cashback at more than 1250 outlets with the Priceless Specials deal, it’s easy and intuitive! First, go to the Priceless Specials platform, select your favorite brand and pay with your PCS card. Your cashback will be credited within 5 days.


PCS Mastercard Drawbacks

We just went over the numerous advantages of the PCS Mastercard. But to be totally transparent, we did find only one negative point to mention: the monthly functioning fees. Services such as transfers or check repayments can cause extra fees.

It is important to take it into account, yet the PCS service is without doubt the best alternative to the classic bank account.