Use Your Cryptocurrencies for Mother’s Day

That time of the year is coming again !

Mother’s day celebration is always a great opportunity to gather family and to spend a good time with all of its members. This very special day for mothers is the ultimate occasion to show our love to those who raised us. No need for luxury and expensive gifts to honor them on Mother’s Day.

If you’re looking for present ideas to buy with your cryptocurrencies for Mother’s Day, let us guide you. Here is our top brand selection to get the perfect gift for your mom with our wide range of eGift cards.


Flowers: Most Popular Mother’s Day Gift

Flowers remain the ultimate gift to celebrate all mothers of the world. Studies have shown that 47% of the presents offered on Mother’s Day are flowers.

At LimonX, we work with a large network of franchise businesses called Rapid’Flore available in France. For other regions, Amazon offers a wide range of flower-related services like fresh-cut flowers directly shipped to your home or your mom’s. On their website, you can find their catalogs displaying different types of bunches for various occasions.

For Mother’s Day, you can even create a unique bouquet to make your mother feel special. Pay your flowers online with your eGift Card and in less than an hour, it will be right on your doorway. This is a wise method to use your bitcoins or other virtual money for a Mother’s Day gift.

Amazon is often the perfect solution for last-minute gifts and gives you the possibility to buy a Mother’s Day gift with your digital currency.

From gardening tools, flowerpots to cacti, there is everything you need for garden-lovers. This way, you can purchase items with your cryptocurrencies, even flowers with!


Use Your Cryptocurrencies to Offer Her Cosmetics and Perfume

This is the present most of our mothers’ love to receive. One in two mothers wish to get perfume or cosmetics on Mother’s Day.

Opt for an original box from Fragonard for example – they offer a wide range of fragrances and beauty products with different scents. Use your cryptocurrencies to buy your mom a natural soap or a refreshing toner and order directly online. You’ll receive your present at home, all set to be given to your loved one.

Another great partner to look up is L’Occitane. They offer all sorts of captivating fragrances and kits that will certainly please your mother. Lacking of inspiration? Check their best sellers page and discover their most beloved products. You’ll choose just the right present. In this way, everyone can use their bitcoins or other cryptos to buy skin care, body care or bath products.

Amazon, Sephora or will also satisfy your longing for great deals! You can find the perfect fragrance or kit on either of these sites.


What About Some Sweets and Chocolate?

It is safe to bet that you won’t make a mistake buying chocolates for Mother’s Day or any other occasions. They are little treats that always do the trick to show someone attention and love. Make your own assortment of pralines, dark, milk and orange chocolates and create a unique box for your mother’s special day. Leonidas is a world-renowned chocolate maker. You can order and pay online with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

More exotic choices like ginger chocolate bars can be found on our partner’s website Coffea. Fresh and quality chocolate from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador or Venezuela can be the ideal gift for chocolate connoisseurs. Your mother will absolutely be delighted. And if she likes authentic herbal tea or aromatic coffee, you’ll also find what you need with Coffea.


A Never-Ending List of Gift Ideas

Gift ideas do not stop there! At LimonX, we’ve thought of other presents to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day.

For example, jewelry and watches are part of the most beloved products that mothers like to get. And if it still doesn’t fit your idea of the perfect gift, take a look at leather goods. We suggest you La Bagagerie that has a large selection of timeless leather bags and wallets. Is your mother into music? Buy her a iTunes gift card!

So many online brands and websites accept our eGift Card that you don’t have to worry anymore about how to use your bitcoins for Mother’s Day Gift.


Other Options If It’s Not Enough

If your favorite brands aren’t yet on our app, you can still choose to buy a refill for prepaid cards. More than 60 millions of online outlets are available with this solution. Between the PCS Mastercard, the Toneo First card or the PaySafeCard MasterCard refill, there are plenty of choices!