Prepaid Cards: Which One Should You Buy With Your Crypto?

The prepaid cards market is big. But keep in mind each card has its own characteristics. With LimonX, we made it easier to load prepaid cards with cryptocurrencies. However, choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky. Let’s make a quick review of some of them, so you can compare all your options carefully. Prepaid Cards: Which One Should You Buy With Your Crypto?


In its early days, Neosurf was only a simple pincode you could buy with cash at a reseller shop to spend money online. The company recently introduced in 2018 an actual prepaid card, the Neocash MasterCard. Not only this card enables you to pay online, but also in physical stores. Load your Neocash card on LimonX and use it as you please to withdraw cash, transfer money or simply make purchases. Top up your card on our 100% secure website, in strict accordance with the latest laws of the 1st of January 2017 regarding prepaid cards. Three refill options are available: transfer money from an existing bank account or from another credit or debit card, or buy a Neocode voucher.


The PaysafeCard is a good alternative to the traditional credit or debit card. Available in more than 43 countries, it has proven itself to be a secure, efficient and practical online payment method. No need to enter your bank details when buying online with your PaysafeCard. Manage your everyday spending easily and load your card on LimonX. But know that, unlike many players of the prepaid cards industry, you can’t be paid or receive money — except if you’re an online shop — on your PaysafeCard. Nor can you charge customers if you’re an entrepreneur.

As MasterCards are accepted in most part of the world, you get to enjoy all the MasterCard advantages with your prepaid PaysafeCard. Pay wherever you are without worrying of anything: the card has a safe payment system with single-use PIN codes.

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PCS MasterCard

PCS MasterCard is a prepaid payment card you can use for your everyday shopping. Coming with a no obligation contract, the PCS MasterCard receive transfers thanks to your bank account details. After you’ve bought your top-up on LimonX, you can withdraw money, pay online and enjoy services of the whole MasterCard network. Refill your PCS MasterCard with a simple text, on our website or via the PCS mobile app. It’s the ultimate budget manager for you and your family!

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Ticket Premium

Ticket Premium is another safe and convenient payment. Note that you must be aged 18 or over to get one. Use your Ticket Premium on more than 400 gaming, betting and e-commerce websites. In the form of a simple code, from 11 to 16 numerals, your Ticket Premium card can be refilled on LimonX. Receive your code by text or find it on your receipt if you bought your ticket at a local reseller.

Your card number details are not necessarily required to use it, therefore some of your purchases are likely not to appear on your bank statement. This confidential payment solution can be useful if you wish to change your cash into discount vouchers.

With a Ticket Premium, you can set in advance the balance to spend. Same if you want to top it up on our website: choose in advance the amount of your deposit. If you have a gamer among your friends, buying him or her a Ticket Premium is the perfect gift! Moreover, one ticket can be used for several purchases.

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Toneo First

Toneo First is also a MasterCard prepaid payment card. Manage your money freely with no obligation. Toneo First offers equivalent features as a classic card would. Thanks to your French bank details, your card is easily identified and usable at any ATMs all over the world – on the condition that they accept MasterCards. Whether you’re spending in France or overseas, pay instantly and securely with this prepaid card. One other good point about Toneo First is that you can get salaries and money transfers directly paid in to your Toneo First account.

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Transcash is a prepaid reloadable payment card. Don’t have a bank account? No problem, you can get one either way. Buy a Transcash refill on LimonX and use your card just like a traditional debit or credit card. Load your prepaid card as if you’d refill a phone card. Transactions are fully secured and fast.

What’s more, you can only spend the balance pre-loaded on your card and, as a result, you can’t be overdrawn. With no income condition, this prepaid card is accessible for everyone once activated.

Note that Transcash comes with a no obligation contract. As it isn’t linked to any bank account in its first basic pack, your anonymity is preserved. Transcash ensures your privacy is respected and that all your purchases stay confidential.

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There’re loads of prepaid cards available on the market right now. Using one has quite a number of benefits and most of them are loadable with LimonX top-ups. So, don’t wait!