Pay With Bitcoin On Amazon To Prepare Your Mountain Holiday

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest names in e-commerce— if not THE biggest. The American giant online retailer — initially started as an online marketplace for books— progressively shifted and now sell everyday items from electronics, pet supplies to outdoor equipment. Amazon has a large range of different departments. If orders can be placed with a debit or a credit card, the platform doesn’t accept crypto money as a direct payment method for now. Quite surprising for such an e-commerce leader! Bitcoin payments powered by a blockchain technology could indeed revolutionize the current financial and economic world of e-commerce. 

Facing this problem, innovative solutions have been found to make Bitcoin transactions on e-commerce websites possible — especially on Amazon. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Pay With Bitcoin On Amazon

Seems surprising? And yet it is possible! Faced with cryptocurrency restrictions and lack of trust in the digital money from retailers and the American giant, we had to come up with a new solution for internet users and crypto enthusiasts to spend their Bitcoins on Amazon. We’ll show you how. 

The LimonX Platform

Some websites offer to pay with Bitcoin on Amazon through gift cards, and this is also LimonX specialty. Thanks to a Bitcoin-owned gift card, you easily have access to the whole Amazon universe — from classic purchases to prepping your next holidays in the mountains. Pay for our digital gift cards in Bitcoins or 11 other cryptocurrencies — among ETH, ZEC, XMR, XEM, VTC, NEO, LSK, KMD, ETC, DASH, DOGE — and spend them on Amazon. Our platform uses CoinPayments to process transactions, ensuring they are fully secure.

Mountain Gear Essentials 

LimonX made it easier to pay with Bitcoin on Amazon: prepare your holidays from start to finish thanks to your Bitcoin gift card. Depending on your holiday’s location, make sure you have the perfect mountain equipment. Hiking shoes, backpack, climbing gear, sleeping bags, outerwear and protections: crosscheck everything in order not to forget essential items. With friends, family or alone, an appropriate equipment will help you have the best time of your life.


SALOMON Speedcross 4, Men Hiking Shoes



NewDoar Women, Men or Kids Alpine Climbing Harness 



Travel Backpack for Outdoor Excursions

LimonX Is The Solution To Use Bitcoin For Your Holidays

As you just read about it, LimonX is a platform that helps people pay with crypto for everyday expenses. Holidays are an important moment of the year and they can easily be planned by using your Bitcoin. Our secure system simplifies cryptocurrencies usage thanks to digital gift cards, but also prepaid card top-ups. This way, you can buy mountain gear for your next mountain vacation.

The process is simple. First, choose a gift card in our large catalog. Then, select the amount to put onto the gift card, and finally pay with the crypto of your choice. By 2020, LimonX will offer LMXC cashback on every order. Moreover, there’ll be LMXC investing opportunities to help the LimonX community diversify their profits and make more margins.