Pay On Amazon With Bitcoin For Your Seaside Holidays

Use Bitcoin to Shop on

Is it possible to pay on Amazon with Bitcoin? This question certainly came up in a lot of crypto-enthusiasts’ minds. The problem is that Bitcoin users don’t have as many options as they would like to spend their digital currency. And many of them started to turn away from cryptocurrency seeing that numerous retailers don’t accept Bitcoin as a method payment – yet. At the moment, Amazon doesn’t accept it. However, like the famous app Purse, gift cards and prepaid payment cards became popular solutions to spend Bitcoins instantly and securely on Amazon.

Gift Cards

The most famous payment solution to pay with Bitcoin on Amazon is through Purse. The mobile app connects Bitcoin owners willing to make purchases on Amazon and gift cards owners who want Bitcoins. Purse acts as a go-between between both parts. But now, gift cards are slowly taking over and represent a solution preferred to the Purse app. You can buy these gift cards on more and more websites and use them to pay on giant Amazon.


Today, numerous resellers offer gift cards payable in Bitcoins and accepted in most big e-commerce and retail chains. In addition to traditional platforms, some websites made it easier to exchange Bitcoins for gift cards from any individual. The biggest advantage being that there is no intermediary. How does it work? Find someone willing to trade gift cards for Bitcoins and once the deal’s made, you’ll get the code of the Amazon gift card. This way, you can now shop thanks to a Bitcoin-earned gift card.

Prepaid Cards

Pay on Amazon with Bitcoin is possible with a prepaid payment card. You won’t have any trouble finding this service: many resellers offer it and most of them send you a prepaid card right at home in a few days. Swap your Bitcoin into a classic currency and simply use your prepaid card just like a traditional credit or debit card. But be aware that euros and dollars are the only currencies accepted at the moment.


Use your prepaid card to pay in physical stores or withdraw money at ATMs. In the same way, Bitcoin shoppers can also use a virtual card to make purchases online. Prepaid cards offer a number of benefits and services.


Thanks to these 2 easy tricks, you now know everything about shopping on Amazon with Bitcoin.


What to Buy For Your Seaside Holidays?

Must-Have Beach Items

Planning a getaway trip to the ocean? Use your Bitcoins on Amazon to prepare your holidays and equip yourself. Don’t forget your beach towel. Choose between a large range of colors, sizes and pattern on Amazon. Egyptian or Turkish fabric, 100% cotton : it doesn’t get softer than that! Flower pattern, striped colourful towels or even Harry Potter styled… There’s one for every member of the family. What’s more, don’t forget to look at sand-proof beach towels, which can be useful with small children.


Sunshades are also an ultimate must-have for the beach to protect yourself from getting sunburnt. Buy any type of them with Bitcoin: straight, eight-sided or reclining parasols are available on Amazon. Choose the right sunshade depending on how many people you are.

Essentials to Relax On The Beach

Picture yourself on your beach towel, with the sound of the waves in the background… Is there anything missing? Relax, enjoy some music and liven things up with the latest speakers.

A good book is a beach-essential too. Read in the afternoon breeze or after lunch while the kids are playing on the beach. Offer them inflatables so you can fully enjoy your reading break. Purchase gift cards with your Bitcoins and treat yourself with the perfect beach items.


LimonX: An Easy and Secure Solution to Use Bitcoin For Your Vacation

Many gift cards are available on our website, so that you can buy all the beach gear you need for a memorable seaside holiday. Likewise, it is possible to top up your prepaid card on LimonX: we want to make your life easier when it comes to spending securely your Bitcoins online.

We offer the perfect solution to the lack of fungibility of cryptocurrencies. Immediately interchangeable and usable online AND in physical stores. Not only it is secure and completely transparent, but it also solves the issue of price volatility. As big firms go along and accept the exchange rate risk, individuals and companies are more inclined to spend their cryptos when they want.


This is a huge progress that make easier purchasing items, online and physically, with cryptocurrencies. Want to use your Bitcoins on Amazon? Go check LimonX website!