How To Use Your Crypto To Buy a New Phone

Want to change your cell phone and buy its cutting-edge version? Let’s check what Internet has to offer. With all the e-commerce platforms flourishing, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. But with its wide range of smartphones, Amazon is certainly the safest best on the market at the moment. Here we explain how to use your bitcoins to buy a new phone on Amazon.

Amazon: A Wide Range of Smartphones

When speaking of e-commerce and electronics, one can only think of Amazon. The American online business leads the market with a very complete and various catalog of smartphones. Browse their website to find the phone that suits your needs.

All set? Now it’s time to pay. Amazon offers you different payment methods: you can pay either by credit/debit card or with an Amazon gift card. Choose the gift card and receive your new phone right at home after a few days.


Amazon LimonX

The Amazon Gift Card on LimonX


Get An Amazon Gift Card Using Your Crypto

If you can get an Amazon gift card with traditional money like any other traditional gift card, let’s focus on how to obtain one thanks to your cryptocurrencies. With this method, it’s as easy as pie to pay your smartphone with your bitcoins on Amazon.

Click on our Amazon gift card page to buy one. Then, simply choose the amount of credit you’d like and proceed to checkout. You are now redirected to our partner platform CoinPayments. Here, select the cryptocurrency you want to pay with. Ta dam! You now hold an Amazon gift card thanks to your crypto.

Buy A Smartphone With An Amazon Gift Card

Like we just see, Amazon makes it extremely easy to pay with a gift card. Go on your favorite e-commerce website and select the Amazon gift card at the checkout page. The last step is to type your gift card’s reference, and wait patiently for your new smartphone to arrive.

Is There A Maximum Amount Above Which Bitcoins Can’t Be Used on Amazon?

No! Spend your bitcoins on Amazon regardless of the item’s amount you choose. Want to buy the €910 iPhone X and only have a €250 Amazon gift card? No worries.

Even if you can only load up to €250 on an Amazon gift card, you can add up several cards to match the amount of the desired product. Simply buy as many gift cards as your order requires on LimonX. You’ll then be able to fill in all your Amazon gift cards at checkout.


Use Your Crypto To Buy A New Phone – iPhone X

Use Your Bitcoins On Amazon: Which Phone To Buy?

You must know it now: using bitcoins on Amazon is truly simple. You’re ready to buy a new smartphone with your bitcoins and alt coins but have no idea where to start? LimonX is here to help:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 : the newest flagship phone of the Korean multinational will cost you slightly more than 2 Amazon gift cards ;
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5: this smartphone is the ultimate option if you don’t opt for Samsung or Apple. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 uses Android operating system, offers a quality camera and a steady processor.


Use Your Crypto To Buy A New Phone – Xiaomi Redmi Note 5


Feeling generous? The method is exactly the same if you wish to use your crypto money to offer a phone to a close one.