How To Use Bitcoins To Listen To Online Music?

Deezer and Spotify, two heavyweights of the music streaming market, have revolutionized the way we listen to music and the traditional music industry. Physical formats have been blown away, and we said goodbye to full hard drive and MP3 players. Now, we all tap into large digital libraries looking for tracks to create our music playlists. These freemium streaming services also offer premium plans with more features. LimonX looks over the different options for you.

Get Your Spotify Gift Card On LimonX

To listen to unlimited music online legally, LimonX presents you one more solution: the Spotify Gift Card. This card gives you Premium access to the entire content of the streaming platform.

How Does It Work?

Buy a subscription of the duration of your choice. Once you have your Spotify gift card, sign in to your Spotify account and type your gift card’s PIN code. It’s as difficult as it gets!

Use Spotify And Pay With Bitcoins

All LimonX orders are paid either with bitcoins or one of the 15 cryptocurrencies we accept. And the Spotify gift card is no exception to the rule! The transaction is done through our payment partner, CoinPayments. Once your order is complete, you can directly use your Spotify gift card and enjoy all the advantages of your Premium account.

Pros Of A Spotify Gift Card

If using your bitcoins to listen to music isn’t one major advantage of the Spotify gift card, what is? Thanks to your crypto money, choose among millions of songs available on the Spotify library.


The second attractive feature is that our payment system does not require a credit card. You can go Premium without it and buy your Spotify gift card using only your bitcoins or any other type of cryptocurrency. Simply complete your purchase by paying to the cited address or by scanning a QR code.

Listen To Music On Deezer Thanks To Your Crypto With LimonX

Thanks to LimonX’s wide range of cards, you can make the most of Deezer streaming library. Enjoy unlimited music with the Premium+ plan, and pay with your cryptocurrency. All you have to do is to buy a LimonX Gift Card on our website and use it as a payment method on Deezer.

We offer you three different types of Premium+ plan.

Use Your Bitcoins To Listen To Online Music

3 months of Deezer Premium+ for 25 instead of 29,97!

This first option is a three-month subscription of Premium+ for €25 instead of €29,97. By opting for this plan, save nearly 20% and access to unlimited add-free content for 3 months.

6 months of Deezer Premium+ for50 instead of 59,94!

Want to enjoy a bit longer Deezer Premium+ services? Pick the six-month plan. This second alternative gives you 6 months of unlimited music while saving €10. Indeed, you will pay €50 instead of €59,94. Plus, get to listen to music without the usual shuffle play of free accounts.

A year of Deezer Premium+ for100 instead of 119,88!

Save up to nearly €20 with the annual plan. Pay €100 instead of €119,88 and get a full year of unlimited music available on all your devices.

For those who want to discover lossless quality music, we are happy to offer you an extra gift: access to the Qobuz platform. Buy LimonX Gift Cards with your bitcoins and enjoy high quality audio.