How to Spend Your Bitcoins?

How to spend my bitcoins? This is one of the big questions reigning within the bitcoin community. The last years have seen a flurry of excitement over the cryptocurrency world. 2017’s particularly been a milestone : people have bought a lot and interest in the digital currency has largely exploded. Quite unknown before, the market development and the mass media communication put the bitcoin under the spotlight by the end of 2017. New bitcoin owners tend to invest in the cryptocurrency whereas the experts are more into spending their profit. But now the interrogation that comes to mind after you’ve owned a supply of bitcoins is what can I do with them? What can I buy, and where? Let us give you some clue!

How to Use Bitcoins?

Shops and Merchants

Everything can’t be paid with cryptocurrency. Unless your landlord is also a crypto-enthusiastic, there’s little chance he’ll accept your bitcoins for the rent. More and more merchants accept cryptocurrencies as payment, yet it still is uncommon for most. You will find a list here featuring businesses that work with a bitcoin payment system.


Some lucky readers may live in a city where there is a bitcoin ATM! As easy to use as a classical ATM and you get your money right in your pocket. Don’t forget to check the exchange rate though.

Credit or Debit Cards

There are some cards you can credit with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. A bitcoin credit or debit card is like any other one except it isn’t linked to a traditional bank account. Instead, it is connected to a BTC electronic wallet.

Gift Cards

This is the solution we offer you! The easiest – and the quickest – way to spend your bitcoins: buy a gift card in just a few minutes and get your shopping going right away. On LimonX, choose from more than 180 online brands and 500 shops.