How to spend Bitcoins to Watch Streaming

Cryptocurrency can be used in many different ways and the explosion of the streaming industry has drawn new crypto investors. Our goal is to offer the best gift card service so that everyone can spend their bitcoins to enjoy multiple TV show programs. Which streaming service to choose? How does it work?

In this article we address the simple yet crucial question, how to spend my bitcoins for activities such as streaming? LimonX gives you the options you have to spend your bitcoins and binge watch your favorite series!


Streaming Industry: an Epic Growth

The exceptional growth of streaming video services in the US has spread to European countries. Numerous platforms see the light of day in this competitive industry. However, all of them do not have the exact same advantages. So, before making your mind it is important to weight the pros and cons regarding price, film and series library.


Netflix: Streaming Services Leader

Within a few years of existence, Netflix established itself as the international leader of the streaming industry. Netflix indeed met quite a big success in France and filled the gap of traditional TV programs. Whether on your smartphone, computer, tablet or TV, you can watch movies and series online or offline. Founded in 1997, the American streaming giant has adapted its offer throughout the years to meet the changing needs of millions of users. Netflix is compatible with the Google Chromecast technology and with AirPlay, making it accessible to watch TV shows on any devices.

netflix gift cards with bitcoins

Amazon Prime Video

The internet video service developed by Amazon was launched in 2006 in the US and in 2016 in Europe. Even though its catalog isn’t as complete as Netflix’s, the streaming newbie is somehow trying to leave its mark in the industry. Amazon Prime Video includes the Amazon Prime subscription and you can use your cryptos to buy Amazon gift cards. It’s very easy to activate this streaming service with our gift cards and your gift cards bitcoins

Google Play Films

Google Play Films has a platform quite similar to Netflix where you can buy or rent your favorite programs with the Google Play app. If they are not yet available, add them to your wish list and you’ll get a notification once they are on the website. You can download films on your smartphone, tablet or online and watch them on your TV thanks to Chromecast. It also gives you access to Youtube and Youtube Premium.Google Play gift cards bitcoins

Netflix and Google Play Gift Cards

You can offer Netflix or Google Play gift cards to watch films and series – it works with all type of occasions. A gift card is an unusual present that hits its mark for Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day for example. Thanks to the Google Play card, you are able to manage your credit easily. When you have enough money, download movies and TV shows of your choice via the Google Play Store app.


Offer Gift Cards to Your Family and Friends

Thanks to our platform, the question of how to spend bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is no longer one. From LimonX you can buy gift cards and top-up your favorite streaming services accounts. It is accessible to everyone. So to all our crypto-friends out here: no more excuses not to offer a streaming subscription to your friends! You’ll make somebody happy and use your bitcoins at the same time.

Offer gift card to your family and friends

And Soon… OCS on LimonX

In addition to Netflix and Google Play, OCS gift cards will soon be available on LimonX! You’ll have the possibility to spend your bitcoins and enjoy all OCS video programs – from movies to series. Orange Cinema Series has the particularity to be the sole distributor of HBO, thus offering a rich catalog with top famous series like Game of Thrones or West World.


With LimonX, the question no longer is “how to spend my bitcoins?” but “where should I spend them?” and “what movies shall I watch tonight?“. Not interested in streaming? LimonX provides other brands gift cards where you can spend your bitcoins easily.