How To Spend Bitcoins on Amazon

If back in the day, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were part of a very restricted world of insiders, it causes more and more frenzy today. This change has made the public well aware about the bitcoin and people now understand – more or less – what it’s used for. Little by little, the world of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies opens itself to a mainstream public. A new problem emerged from the democratization of the cryptocurrencies, how do I spend bitcoins on shops like Amazon?


How do I spend my Bitcoins and other cryptos on Amazon ?

Our goal at LimonX is to make the use of cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible by creating a link between the crypto economy and everyday life. We provide you with a reliable solution to spend your bitcoins on Amazon and hundreds of famous brands. LimonX has indeed created a simple system to avoid high fee transactions while using your favorite cryptocurrencies.

The best way to spend bitcoins and other cryptos on amazon is with gift cards. We have gift cards from 10€ to 250€ available on our website that you can use on famous online stores, such as Amazon. Using our gift cards is easy: choose the amount of money that you need and pay with your cryptocurrencies by sending them to the deposit address written at the payment page. You receive a code a few minutes after the payment to verify the transaction.


Here Are Some Gift Ideas You Can Find on Amazon

Mining Rig

Why not reinvesting your profit in a new mining machine? But beware of your electricity bill, mining rigs are quite energy intensive!

If this type of investment was still profitable in 2018, this year it seems that crypto mining is not as profitable as it used to be. So be sure to check crypto compare before buying. The hash rate’s speed is very important to consider.

12 GPU Mining rig Aluminum Stackable Open air Mining Case Computer ETH Frame Rig for bitcon Miner Kit Unassembled Ethereum


Hardware Wallet

If you’re looking for a physical wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, it surely is the best and safest option. We warmly recommend you the Ledger Wallet. With a 75$ million fundraising, it has a bright future ahead. Surely the first thing you should buy with you bitcoins on Amazon !




More screens, more productivity they say? That may be true, but usually productivity doesn’t rise that much after the sixth screen…

trading screens

Blockchain Books

A good way to keep you updated on the fundamentals. You can find a list of the best books about blockchain here. And if you want to share your thoughts and your opinion about those books, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, you are more than welcome to discuss these subjects on our Discord!