How To Spend Bitcoins At The Supermarket

You want to spend Bitcoins at the supermarket ? We have the right solution for you !


We all dream of an easy and secure way to spend bitcoins in our everyday life: to shop or buy a gift to a loved one. Here are a few advices to learn on how to use your bitcoins at the supermarket thanks to the LimonX gift cards shop.


Cryptocurrencies and Retailers

Cryptocurrencies aren’t quite common to use yet in physical retail stores and it is still very unlikely that you have the possibility to spend your cryptocurrencies at your local grocery shop. However, it is important to highlight that more and more brands accept bitcoins payments. In the USA today, people can pay with their bitcoins in nearly 100 000 of online stores! Cryptocurrency as a payment method is making its way to Europe too (with a little delay, as usual). If you are ever to spend time in Paris, 20 stores in one of the most beautiful covered passages of Paris, the Passage du Grand Cerf, adopted the digital money. Which even got the Passage nicknamed the Bitcoins Passage! The website made a very complete list of the French physical shops that process bitcoin payments.

Yet no cryptocurrencies have offered a suitable solution for small payments due to fee transactions and scalability problems – even if Lightning Network and Raiden should soon reverse the trend. Today, merchants that have chosen to accept bitcoin are doing it on an experimental basis. We, at LimonX, believe that cryptocurrencies should be accepted anywhere as a valid mean of payment. However, until this dream comes into reality, you can spend your bitcoins to buy gift cards that can be used in hundreds of shops and stores, even supermarkets!


Europe and Cryptocurrencies

Our service came out of a simple idea: if only we could be able to use cryptocurrencies for our everyday life? Digital money is starting to be considered as an actual currency for a lot of countries and it’s slowly getting into the european business ecosystem.

We just talked about small retail stores but how about big online resellers or shopping centers? Well, it is slow moving this way too. However, the good news is that with LimonX you won’t have to wait longer to spend your bitcoins while shopping at your favorite supermarket. Thanks to our special card, you’ll be able to pay with your bitcoins at your favorite supermarket: read the next paragraph to know more! helps you spend your bitcoins at the supermarket

There are several ways to spend your Bitcoins in the supermarket using our service.

The first is to use your cryptos to buy prepaid debit card credit. Our shop provides several prepaid cards such as PCS, Neosurf, Tonéo… that you can use in malls like any other credit card. However, please be careful as we sell credit refills for the prepaid card not the credit card itself. The credit card must be ordered directly from the partner’s website.

The other solution is to find in our shop if we have a gift card of your favorite supermarket. We currently have all the supermarket brands of France for now. We are working hard to settle partnerships with supermarket brands in other European countries. If you want us to add a gift card from a particular supermarket in your country, contact us!


But… Why Would I Spend my bitcoins in a supermarket?

Well, because it is the core purpose of a currency, isn’t it? Even if most of the cryptocurrencies owners tend to speculate on the market, it doesn’t quite send the right message. Imagine if more and more consumers were to spend bitcoins in a supermarket. It would popularise cryptocurrencies and encourage businesses to accept them.

The current situation shows that small merchants are still yet to convince. Another important thing to highlight is the arduousness of governmental laws. That is why at LimonX we work hard to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. Our goal is to offer you the easiest and fastest method to spend your Bitcoins in your everyday life.