How to Spend Bitcoin for Gaming ?

No need to be an IT expert to spend bitcoin. Some gaming platforms accept the virtual money and for those who don’t, we have the solution!


Cryptocurrency and Gaming At the Crossroads

If you’re a confirmed gamer wishing to spend bitcoins to play online, we partnered with a few actors that you must know. Steam, Blizzard and the Instant Gaming platform are renowned leaders in the industry. A solid partnership has been set up with them in order to provide all gamers with the new video games releases at a reasonable bitcoin price.



Launched and developed in 2003 by Valve Corporation, Steam is a digital distribution platform that offers you a wide range of adventure, indie or action video games. You will be able to buy Steam gift cards with your bitcoins and use them on Steam. Whatever game you fancy, it’s all yours (automatic updates included!).

At LimonX, we are big fans of Blizzard video games so we’ve worked hard to offer you gift cards. Only 20€ cards are available at the moment.



We couldn’t not offer PSN card. Playstation Network is one of the most used online gaming platform where you can play with your friends on games such as GTA Online, Destiny 1 or 2 and plenty of other super fun games. Grab your PSN gift card on our shop !


Nintendo E-Shop

At LimonX office when we got a little bit of spare time, we enjoy games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We are more than familiar with Nintendo games and we know how fun they are. Thanks to LimonX, you can spend your cryptocurrencies to buy Nintendo egift cards.


Bitcoins and video games are parts of a close environment. Cryptocurrencies and the digital game industry are riding on a high and it isn’t surprising that virtual money is commonly used by gamers. Developers have no lack of imagination when it comes to cryptocurrency integration. For example, the famous Nvidia Corporation designing graphics processing units, is booming both in the gaming and the bitcoin industry. One of the reasons explaining this success is the growing need for high-performer mining computers to create more bitcoins.


Famous Video Games

Some games distinguish themselves in the online gaming market. Especially those cryptocurrency-inspired games where you can use your bitcoins to play. Here’s a list of examples:

  • CryptoCountries: go on a conquest of the world using your bitcoins along the way.
  • CryptoKitties: a game for cat lovers, in which you trade cute kittens with other players.
  • CryptoCelebrities: buy versions of famous people with your bitcoins and start trading or selling your favorite (or not!) stars.
  • EtherBots: buy and collect robots after every won battles! You have the ability to sell or customise them but also to compete with other users bots in duels.


Is Bitcoin the Future of Online Gaming and Vice Versa?

Nowadays, mobile and especially smartphone usage is swelling. Researchers have observed the exact same trend in the gaming market. Gamers can play online on lots of platforms using their digital currency – it has become easy to spend bitcoin even playing traditional games.

With,, blackjack, sports betting or lottery, you can win a few extra money online. Numerous PC video games are being converted to mobile versions to answer to this growing need.


We can see crystal-clear that video games and cryptocurrencies are intrinsically linked and that these worlds will tend to cross paths even more in the years to come. LimonX wants to offer you the best online gaming solutions to spend bitcoin. If you have specific inquiries, please should not hesitate to send us an email or to contact us on Discord and Telegram.