How To Buy FNAC Gift Card with LimonX ?

Cryptocurrencies provoked a lot of questions regarding its use. Most of small retailers still hesitate to accept this new kind of money. However, a very simple solution exists today to spend your digital currency. The LimonX platform offers a tailor-made service for crypto owners so that they can purchase any items in a lot of online shops and physical stores.

Fnac is a very popular e-commerce website and a French pioneer in the cultural industry: from books, music to electronics and concert tickets, they sell a wide range of products. We explain you today how to spend your bitcoins on Fnac thanks to LimonX.

How Does the LimonX Gift Card Work?

The functioning system of our gift card is straightforward. You probably find yourself in a situation where you’ve purchased bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies and now have difficulty finding brands that accept this virtual money. No need to worry: on the LimonX platform, you can order FNAC gift card and pay with your bitcoins or other type of cryptocurrencies. Once your payment is completed, we will send your gift cards right after.


How to Issue a Fnac Gift Card?

Issuing a Fnac gift card is an easy and rapid operation. In just a few clicks, choose the amount you want to buy, add it to your cart and you’re ready for checkout. LimonX is working closely with CoinPayments – our payment partner. You’ll be redirected to the CoinPayments website to proceed to the final payment. We accept no fewer than 15 different cryptocurrencies to purchase your gift card!


LimonX Gift Card Benefits

Our Gift Card has a number of advantages. First of all, it’s the perfect solution to spend your bitcoins or other cryptocurrency that you have. It is indeed not always that easy to use the digital money as few merchants take it. The LimonX platform gets round this problem by offering you a service that allows you to spend your cryptos in hundreds of shops.

This is for sure the other consequent benefit. We work with numerous online brands and physical stores to offer you a large choice of shopping possibilities.

Enjoy all Fnac services with our gift card! From now on, you can buy a TV, a smartphone, electronics, books or even musical tickets with your bitcoins.