Get An Online PCS Top-Up And Enjoy 2019 Summer Sale

That’s it. It’s this time or the year again! First day of summer sale 2019 starts on the 26th of June. Every year takes place the same shopping rush for the best deals. Make your life easier by using online PCS top-ups. You get to have money in stock at any time if a bargain comes up. A PCS refill gives you the possibility of spending money without even having an actual bank account.

Fill Up Your Prepaid PCS MasterCard On The Go

The PCS MasterCard is a reloadable prepaid payment card. Usable within the whole MasterCard merchant payment network, — that is to say 34 millions sale points worldwide — withdraw cash for your everyday spending thanks to a PCS prepaid card. Get your salary, make or receive bank transfers without bank account by sharing your bank details and code with your company or benefit provider. Shop online too, and reload your prepaid card at more than 32 000 sales points in France or online on LimonX.

Loading your PCS MasterCard with a LimonX top-up is the most instant and convenient way to fill up your pocket bank account. No need to go out to reload your prepaid card, meaning you’re saving on travel expenses. What’s more, you don’t wait in line running the risk of missing great deals. Finally, you don’t get around carrying cash that could get people greedy.

Merely connect to LimonX website and select the PCS MasterCard top-up of your choice — top-ups ranging from €50 to €250. Your card is instantly credited: you can go to an ATM right away to withdraw cash if you want. LimonX is one of the few platforms giving you the opportunity to load your PCS with cryptocurrencies.

Always Be Ready For Great Deals

We guarantee you: you won’t miss out on a good bargain thanks to the LimonX PCS top-up. Don’t forget to fill up your prepaid card before the 26th of June to enjoy the summer sale. As you certainly noticed, there will be plenty of deals on your favorite online and retail shops. Big chains or small retailers are all going to offer amazing promotions. Use your money you’ve loaded with a PCS top-up to make purchases. And even if a merchant doesn’t accept your PCS prepaid card — which is very unlikely to happen — you can still withdraw cash from the closest ATM around.

Enjoy the 2019 summer sale: whatever budget you have or item or service you need, you’ll find perfect deals online as well as in-store. Some brands have already made public 50% discounts, like Leclerc for example. Check kids and adults scooters! Now is the time to save up from €50 to €100 depending on which model you choose. With Zalando, get a 35% discount on nearly all underwear. Online stores are making every effort to offer the best bargains. Cdiscount even offer a 10% reduction on orders of more €249. What’s more, if you have a Cdiscount membership, you may get a special 50% discount.

Load Your PCS With Cryptos On LimonX

LimonX offers you to reload your PCS balance with Bitcoin. This way, you can make the most of summer sales while taking advantage of the current exchange rate. It’s sales time and you even get to save money thanks to the good health of the crypto market. Virtual currencies came back in the spotlight and huge corporations like Facebook with its digital currency called Libra got the message right. It’s not a simple trend: cryptocurrencies are now part of the banking landscape.

On LimonX you can either buy a top-up for your reloadable PCS MasterCard or directly swap your cryptos for gift cards. Choose from more than 500 brands of your favorite resellers. Like this, you can pay with your cryptocurrency whatever you need without leaving our website. It’s like going to the bank and to your favorite store at the same time! Except we instantly send you your gift card by email. Want to avoid the crowds and skip the never-ending lines during the 2019 summer sale? LimonX is the best alternative to traditional sale shopping.