Can I Buy The Latest Apple Products With Only One Bitcoin?

Where To Buy Apple Products With My Bitcoins?

In Europe, there are little or no electronics and high tech retailers accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. In this context, let’s have a look at the American e-commerce leader, Amazon. It is indeed the most appropriate solution at the moment if you’re looking to buy Apple products using your bitcoins. Want to know how?

Follow our step-by-step guide in this article.

How To Buy Apple Products Using Bitcoins?

LimonX makes it easy for everyone to pay on Amazon with your bitcoins. Go through our platform to order an Amazon gift card that will allow you to use your bitcoins on Amazon.

Select the amount of your choice, add to cart the Amazon gift card and go to checkout where you can choose the bitcoin currency as your payment method. And voila! You’ve purchased an Amazon gift card with your bitcoins.

The final step for you is now to go to your favorite e-commerce website. Then, choose among millions of products and pay your order thanks to the Amazon gift card.


Is It Possible To Buy The Latest Apple Products With Only One Bitcoin?

When talking about 1 bitcoin, you’re maybe thinking of it like €1. Thus, 1 bitcoin may seem insignificant, right? Well, you might have to think again! Now that we’ve got your attention, you certainly want to know if you can buy the latest Apple products with just 1 bitcoin. Let’s take an example with the newest Apple smartphone that costs 899€ on Amazon.

As it is possible to pay with several gift cards on Amazon, buy one or more Amazon gift cards on LimonX choosing the maximum amount available – that is to say 250€. To get the latest iPhone X, you’ll need to buy 4 Amazon gift cards, each one of a 250€ value.

While proceeding to checkout using bitcoin, you realize that one Amazon gift card only costs 0,05 BTC at the time of this article is written. Multiply by 4 and you get 4 gift cards for nothing more than 0,2 BTC. Eventually, your iPhone X only requires 1/5 of bitcoin. So, YES, it is correct: you can get a 2018 iPhone X for even less than one bitcoin.


What About Other Apple Products?

With the exact same clever technique, it is possible to compare other Apple’s flagship products.





An Apple Keynote took place on the 30th of October 2018. During this famous event, new Apple products were announced. Find them on Amazon and be sure to use your Amazon gift cards… The latest Apple products will cost you nothing more than 1 bitcoin.