Buy Ticket Premium with Bitcoin for Online Gaming

At LimonX, we thought of online gamers and we now offers the Ticket Premium recharge on our website. From sports betting, poker to video games, find everything you need with Ticket Premium.


What is Ticket Premium?

Ticket Premium is an easy and secure online method payment preserving your confidential details at all times. To sum up, Ticket Premium:

  • is a reliable and safe method payment ;
  • is designed for adults over the age of majority ;
  • protects your anonymity.

Plus, you choose a specific amount of money for one ticket but you can use your Ticket Premium for numerous purchases on partners websites.


How to buy Ticket Premium with my cryptos ?

Buy your Ticket Premium recharge with your cryptocurrencies and play or bet with no bank account or cards on more than 400 websites. This service is perfect if you’re a fan of online gambling: poker and video games, sports and horse betting are awaiting you! Ticket Premium is a well-known actor of the online betting market and therefore is entirely trustworthy and secure. Buy a 50, 100, 150 or 250€ Ticket Premium recharge and you will receive your code by email.


What to Buy With Ticket Premium?

Lots of things as there are plenty of different options depending on your taste! For instance, people use it to play on Winamax. For around a hundred euros, you can participate in weekly or everyday tournaments like the Sunday Surprise for 10€, the mini Main Event for 50€ or the Afterwork for 20€. Let’s be wise and always keep in mind your bankroll to not lose all your crypto gains on the poker table.

Gamers will also be pleased with famous games such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry or Ogame. Check this page to see the complete list of all partners websites.


How to Use Ticket Premium?

Only adults over 18 can buy prepaid cards. You can use it on many e-commerce and online gaming websites – to name but a few: horse betting, sports betting, poker, etc.

Ticket Premium works with a safe code of 11 to 16 figures. If you buy your Ticket Premium on our website, you’ll receive your code by email or text message. However, you can also buy your ticket at a local outlet. If so, the code is printed on your receipt. Choose one of the Ticket Premium partners and charge your player profile thanks to your code. No need for a traditional credit card and the transaction is fully secure!


And If You Want More…

If your favorite online outlets are not yet featured on our shop, you can choose to buy a credit refill for prepaid cards. With the PCS Mastercard, the TransCash Visa or the PaySafeCard Mastercard (which you can use with Paypal), you have plenty of choices!