Bitcoin Exchange using Paypal With a PaySafeCard

Paypal was established in 1998 and became since then a key player in the world of online payments. This money transfer service got its popularity mostly from its implementation on the auction website Ebay. Thanks to PaySafeCard connection to Paypal, you can now use this rechargeable prepaid card to shop online.
LimonX offers you a simple method for bitcoin exchange using Paypal. Let us explain you how to exchange your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using Paypal by acquiring a PaySafeCard Mastercard.

Why use Paypal as a Payment Method?

As you may have noticed, lots of online vendors accept Paypal as a payment processor. Paypal makes it easy to shop and has quite a number of advantages for the online shoppers. The number 1 benefit is flexibility: no need to enter all your financial details like you have to do with most online stores. At checkout, type your email address and password and the money is debited directly of your bank account.
Moreover, Paypal won its spurs and has been recognised as a secure and reliable online method thanks to Ebay. To pay online, you can either charge money to your account, add a credit, debit, prepaid card or simply your bank account details.
This is where the PaySafeCard comes into play as you can attach it to your Paypal account. Here’s how to proceed to use your bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

How Does it Work?

The PaySafeCard operation system is very simple. First, order your PaySafeCard online. Once you’ve received it, you can easily link it to your Paypal account on the official Paypal website. The Paysafecard automatically becomes your main payment method if none was saved before. Load funds on your PaySafeCard and choose the Paypal method at your favorite online stores. Money will then be debited from your PSC bank balance. That’s all there is to it!

How LimonX Help me Use my Cryptocurrencies to Pay via Paypal?

The traditional way to charge you PaySafeCard with actual money is to go to your closest merchant. But, how about crypto owners who would like to exchange bitcoin using Paypal to buy goods online or in physical stores? Well, LimonX created something for you. Order your PaySafeCard Mastercard on our website and select the amount you’d like to load. The next step is to pay through our partner CoinPayments. When you want to recharge your PaySafeCard or load some more money, follow the exact same path through CoinPayments.
Once you’ve get your PaySafeCard, connect it to your Paypal account just like instructed before. You’re now ready to go to spend your bitcoins!

Shop Millions of Online Brands Thanks to Paypal

You are all settled to pay online with your cryptocurrencies via Paypal. Paypal works with millions of different sites so you have plenty of choice for your shopping such as fashion, electronic goods, food… Thanks to LimonX, your bitcoin can be exchanged using Paypal and PaySafeCard. Feeling like indulging yourself with a few electronic presents? Why not buy a PlayStation console or a laptop?
With the PaySafeCard you could decide to look for some house equipments too: a new drying machine or a vacuum cleaner for example. Websites such as Cdiscount or LDLC are interesting if you want to spend your bitcoins.

If you’re more of a gambler, you’ll find what you need too. Thanks to your PaySafeCard, use your bitcoins to bet online via Paypal. Gamble on soccer, NBA or tennis and much more with your cryptocurrency. To gamble with cryptocurrencies, what a time to be alive !