7 Must-Read Books of Summer 2019

Not sure what to pick for your summer reading? We selected for you top 7 books about finance and entrepreneurship. Find these books online on Amazon and buy them with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.


Misbehaving: The Making Of Behavioral Economics



In this book, Richard H. Thaler explains how people tend to overthink. His theories based on his own experiences and research he made, help the reader in the process of rational decision-making. As a result, he shows how to avoid gross mistakes and make more reasonable resolutions. You can buy this book about behavioral economics with your Bitcoin on Amazon.


Market Wizards


Jack D. Schwager interviewed the world’s most successful traders to complete this book. This bestselling classic shows how these people won millions of dollars throughout their life. The author analyzed with detail components of success and failure. Although every trader has his own approach, they all seem to share 2 key ingredients for success: a solid methodology and a good mental attitude. You learn how they earn a living and read about their life. What’s more, you get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of controversial financial cases. Certainly one of the most fascinating books on Wall Street that you can pay for with crypto on Amazon.


Trading In The Zone


Mark Douglas help future traders to overcome their fear and preconceived ideas. He exposes three keys for success: confidence, discipline and mindset. He also explains how ingrained mental habits lead to inconsistent decisions and eventually cost you money. Mark Douglas thoroughly deconstructs myths and false ideas of the market teaching traders how important it is to think in terms of probability and to understand the realities of risk. It’s the ultimate book if you want to be a trader.


The 25th Hour


This book reveals the best productivity secrets of successful international startups. The whole book is based on how to win back an extra hour every day — the 25th hour — and use it to fulfill your true passions. Startup founders, entrepreneurs and investors, like Blablacar or Spotify, share their experience and their top productivity tips. Several tools and practical methods are presented to help future entrepreneurs. If you find yourself in this position, this book is available in crypto on Amazon.


The 4-Hour Workweek


The time of the “work more, earn more” saying is over. In this bestseller, Timothy Ferriss offers us a radically opposite vision, with what he calls a “lifestyle design”: work 4 hours a week and be as much productive as if you would’ve worked 8 hours a day. The author describes his own experiences, explains how the key lies in a good organization, and leaves us with some of his best-kept secrets. By prioritizing tasks and identifying what’s important, you can focus on what makes you truly happy. So if you dream of a 4-hour workweek, get advantage of the Bitcoin payment and go read this book.


Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer  Growth


Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares explain how to create a successful startup thanks to customer growth. One key to success is how consistently you can attract new customers — that is to say “traction.” With this truth in mind, the authors came up with 19 methods you can use to build a solid customer base. Every entrepreneur has to face this issue whatever size or business they have. After reading this useful book, your startup will certainly take off.


The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses


Eric Ries’ book is based on the lean management methodology to develop successful businesses. The goal is to invest time into designing a new product or service to meet customers’ needs and thrive as a company. This is what Eric Ries called “continuous innovation.” He refers to famous companies that successfully got off the beaten track and managed to adapt to an ever-changing market.


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